Global Tree Specialist Group Members

The IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group (GTSG) has over 80 expert members from botanic gardens, herbaria, universities and both governmental and non-governmental organisations.  Find out more about the specialists who help to inform the conservation work we carry out.

Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson

Missouri Botanical Garden, USA

Tiberius Jimbo

Tropical Plant Identification

Plant Biologist/Botanist, Lae National Herbarium, Forest Biology Program, Papua New Guinea Forest Research Institute

Dr. Peter Jorgensen

Missouri Botanical Garden, USA

Dr Kang Wang

Fraxinus, Virburnum, woody plants conservation

Beijing Botanical Garden

Matthew Kaproth

Species functional and ecophysiological trait variation across environmental gradients

Minnesota State University Mankato

Prof. Gregor Kozlowski

Conservation biology and biogeography of relict trees, particular focus on Juglandaceae and genus Zelkova (Ulmaceae)

University of Fribourg, Switzerland