ArbNet Website Update

Posted on by Emily Beech

The ArbNet website has recently been updated, making it easier to use and expanding the resources available to support the common purposes and interests of tree-focused public gardens.

The ArbNet website has been organised into new sections, allowing for quicker navigation to find the information you are looking for. ArbNet can now be used in many languages with a translation tool built into the website, facilitating its use worldwide. It is now possible to search a list of 800+ arboreta using categories such as country or accreditation level.

The Resources section has been expanded to include many more useful links and documents. The ArbNet accreditation information is now arranged in levels, making it straightforward to find specific resources to help in the accreditation process. Accredited arboreta can be identified through the Morton Register of arboreta.

ArbNet is working closely with the Global Trees Campaign, through a collaboration between BGCI and the Morton Arboretum. The ArbNet website compliments and can be used in conjunction with BGCI’s GardenSearch database and the resources available on the Global Trees Campaign website to identify institutions working for tree conservation and access best practice guidance.

ArbNet is an online resource, which facilitates the sharing of knowledge, resources and expertise between arboreta and encourages cross institutional collaborations, contributing to tree conservation worldwide. To visit the new ArbNet website, click here.

Written by Emily Beech

Emily is a Conservation Officer at Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), working on the Global Trees Campaign contributing to GlobalTreeSearch, redlisting, ex situ surveys and communications.

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