News & Blog – October 2013

Community-managed forest provides great hope for the future of Madagascar’s iconic trees

Posted on by Georgina Magin

The iconic baobabs of Madagascar symbolise the island’s unique wildlife as much as its lemurs. The magnificent Grandidier’s baobab (known locally as Renala) is the best-known species, but also one of the most threatened. This week saw a milestone in conservation of the Renala, with the granting of management rights for 6,453 hectares of forest hosting 400…

Indiscriminate logging threatens local extinction of African Zebrawood

Posted on by Asa'a Lemawah

ERuDeF’s Asa’a Lemawah, Mount Cameroon Project Coordinator, blogs on the deteriorating status of the African zebrawood, one of Cameroon’s rarest trees. On the foothills of Mount Cameroon, there is an increasing risk that the globally threatened tree species, Microberlinia bisulcata, will become extinct from the Mokoko Forest Reserve. The species, commonly referred to as Zebrawood or Tigerwood,…