News & Blog – November 2013

It’s National Tree Week in the UK: GTC looks at the status of the nation’s trees

Posted on by Shyamali Roy

Globally, trees are primarily threatened by degradation or destruction of woodland for agriculture and timber production. In the UK these factors do not pose a significant threat to our native trees but this does not mean we are immune from problems. This week is National Tree Week in the UK so what better time to…

Tales of tree conservation

Posted on by David Gill

As the Global Trees Campaign celebrates the launch of its new website, the partnership team share a few stories describing some of their successes and challenges. Fifteen years ago the world’s tree species received their first, long overdue, health check-up by the conservation community. Trees proved to be awkward patients: close to 100,000 species were…

Tree conservation: A key agenda item at the 5th Global Botanic Gardens Congress

Posted on by Kirsty Shaw

The 5th Global Botanic Gardens Congress (5GBGC) organised by BGCI, a lead partner of the Global Trees Campaign, was held in Dunedin, New Zealand, from October 20th – 25th 2013. Bringing together over 300 delegates from 43 countries, the congress was hailed a great success. Tree conservation was high on the agenda of items to…