News & Blog – June 2016

Save Our Cedar – Working together to save Malawi’s national tree

Posted on by Kirsty Shaw

“Do you need a lift?” I don’t know the person driving, but I see the familiar logo of Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust on the car. So, ignoring all parental advice, I say…. “Sure, thanks.” And hop in. I find out my driver, Daniel, set up the first hydropower scheme in Malawi, MEGA, a social enterprise…

What’s eating albert apple: field notes from Central Asia

Posted on by Victoria Price

Spring 2016 Kyrgyzstan’s fruit and nut forest is a pretty spectacular sight. Set against a backdrop of towering toblerone-esque mountains and a clear blue sky, the springtime blossoms of the wild apple and pear trees look dazzlingly beautiful. Until one hits you square in the face as your horse sidesteps a particularly muddy patch. The…