News & Blog – September 2017

The Tall and the Small of Tropical Asian Trees

Posted on by Jean Linsky

In her role as Southeast Asia Botanic Gardens Network Coordinator, Jean Linsky works with botanic gardens across the region on the conservation of plants in tropical Asia.  Here she shares five threatened Asian tropical trees, both tall and small, which are in urgent need of conservation. The world’s largest trees often get a lot of…

Delving into the heart of Príncipe Island’s forests

Posted on by Hazel Akester

  At least six species that have never been seen before on Príncipe Island were identified during recent field surveys undertaken by intrepid local and international botanists. The surveys formed part of the biggest joint plant research effort ever to be undertaken in Príncipe, with 1,200 trees recorded, 110 different species observed, and 450 herbarium…