News & Blog – November 2021

Malagasy baobab champion nominated for international award

Posted on by Sarah Pocock

  Director of GTC partner in Madagascar, Julie Hanta Razafimanahaka, has been nominated for the Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa. The award nomination recognises the sixteen years of dedication that Julie has given to conserving Madagascar’s threatened species. As director of Madagasikara Voakajy (MV) – a Malagasy NGO working to safeguard the future of…

Threatened trees in the Republic of Mauritius: The final stand of many species

Posted on by Alex Hudson

  There are many ways to go about restoration. From active management of land and species to passively allowing natural regeneration of the landscape to occur. Passive methods can be better because they require fewer resources to implement and can lead to more natural ecosystems being formed, rather than even-aged plantations. As a result, they…