Research funding for trees on the edge

Posted on by Victoria Price
Global Trees Campaign is now accepting applications for support for Masters level research focused on the conservation of the world’s most threatened tree species.

With over 10,000 tree species threatened with extinction, action is needed now more than ever to bring back these species from the brink of extinction.

Siamese rosewood is the world’s most traded item and more lucrative than the trade in ivory and tiger skins put together. But, very few people are working on this issue. in general, only a small proportion of threatened tree species receive attention from applied conservation projects.

We believe one of the reasons for this is that there are simply not enough conservationists with the training, experience and support to focus their efforts on trees species.

We want to change this. And, to do so, we need you!

Pablo Hoffmann carrying out phenological survey in Araucaria forest fragment

Credit:  Sociedade Chaua

Towards a global network of tree conservationists

For the second year running, the Global Trees Campaign, in collaboration with the Conservation Leadership Programme, is investing in early-career conservationists interested in tree conservation through the implementation of a student grants scheme.

From now until 28th January 2018, GTC is accepting applications from Masters level students for support in meeting the costs of a research project and addressing a question relevant to the in situ conservation of a threatened tree species.

Successful applicants will be connected to the Conservation Leadership Programme’s alumni network, which supports career development and promotes knowledge and experience sharing between 2,500 conservation leaders based in approximately 100 countries.

In 2015, GTC supported MSc student Daniela Requena Suarez and her research into Shihuahuaco trees (Dipteryx sp.) in the Peruvian Amazon. In her study of traditional uses of Shihuahuaco trees and their seeds, Daniela uncovered a hitherto unknown seed collecting industry around these species, which presents new and exciting opportunities for future conservation of Shihuahuaco trees.

Credit: Luke Wallace/Friends of Bedgebury Pinetum

Credit: Luke Wallace/Friends of Bedgebury Pinetum

How to Apply

Students interested in applying for a student grant should review the Call for Proposals document to check their eligibility. For those that are eligible, an application form is available to download from the Global Trees Campaign website.

Prospective applicants who have an existing idea but who are unsure about the best way to develop their research, or are new to tree conservation, are invited to contact the Global Trees Campaign team ahead of the deadline for help and advice. The GTC team will be available to provide advice up to 12th January 2018. The deadline for submitting a formal application is Sunday 28th January 2018.

Written by Victoria Price

Victoria works as a Programme Officer at Fauna & Flora International. In her role she provides support to the Global Trees Campaign and is responsible for the delivery of several field projects including Central Asia & Madagascar.


  1. Victor Kawanga on

    In 2009, I published a book “Zambia Trees & Plants: Botany, Nomenclature and Various Uses”. Unfortunately the cost of printing is very high. I am looking for partners to help in printing and the cost of sells can be shared.

    1. Victoria Price Post author on

      Hi Victor,

      thanks for this information on your work – your book sounds like it could be an incredibly useful resource for researchers. Unfortunately, we only support projects working on the applied conservation of threatened tree species – we do not have a mandate to support generic plant research or publishing costs. Therefore we are not the right organisation to fund this but we do wish you the best of luck in finding the funding.

  2. Dr lakshmy on


    I am unable to send the research proposal .the mail ID reciepient doe not exists is being said. kindly resolve the issue

  3. Dr lakshmy on

    It hasbeen sent now. thank you

  4. RISHAD Abdullah on

    Dear Sir

    I am from Bangladesh working on threatened plants and their occurrence in natural habitat. It part of mine PhD research work. Did global tree campaign support any research or field work grants for PhD works. Forest of Developing country likes ours under huge anthropogenic pressure. If we can’t locate and collect these species, will lost from wild very soon. I have already collected more than 26 threatened species from wild and doing ex situ conservation in the botanical garden of my university i.e. Bangladesh Agricultural University. Funding will create more opportunities to collect and conservation more species.

    1. Victoria Price Post author on

      Hi Rishad, Great to hear about your excellent work. Currently, we only provide small grants to MSc students, or through the Conservation Leadership Programme. If you are linked to a botanic garden you may want to sign up to BGCI’s ‘Cultivate’ newsletter – which provides news and information for people working on conservation and ex situ collections;

  5. Prishnee Bissessur on

    Dear Ms Price,

    I would like to know when should one expect an answer to be informed in case their application for the grant has been retained? I would be grateful if you could kindly please indicate me the time frame. Thank you.

    1. Victoria Price Post author on

      Hi Prishnee,

      I think you’ve had a reply from my colleague via email now regarding your application? Let me know if you require any further information.


  6. Moustafa on

    I have a PhD in environmental science and look forward to collaborating in environmental issue specially flora and fauna


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