Dacrydium nausoriense

Other Names: Tangitangi (Fijian), Yaka (Fijian)

Family: Podocarpaceae

Natural Range: Fiji

IUCN Conservation Status

Endangered (EN)

Dacrydium nausoriense otherwise known as Tangitangi or Yaka is an endangered timber species. The species is endemic to Fiji and found only in two locations in upland forests. These forests are mesic forest (intermediate between moist tropical rain forest and tropical dry forest) above 300 m elevation.

Dacrydium nausoriense is found in restricted stands of remnant native vegetation in a landscape that is highly disturbed as a result of logging, exotic timber plantations and agriculture. This amazing tree is used locally as a Christmas tree and is (unfortunately) also considered good firewood.

Due to D. nausoriense restricted distribution, long generation time and exploitation, this species now requires urgent conservation action to prevent it from becoming extinct. Ex situ conservation – including the establishment of a nursery to sell Christmas trees and ornamentals will protect the exploitation of this species in the wild.  This ex situ conservation in combination with protection of the remnant native vegetation, enhanced wild propagation, raised awareness in local authorities and application of alternative species for firewood will help to protect this unique species.

Fiji is a biodiversity hotspot with about 600 endemic tree species. The conservation status of many of its trees are largely unknown and the Global Tree Campaign has been working with various stakeholders to red list and conserve some of the most threatened trees in Fiji.



Photo Credit: Maika Daveta


Fiji Red List Workshop July 2016

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Did you know?

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