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Over 9,600 tree species are threatened with extinction. Help us secure their future.

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visit the community Yuanbaoshan fir nursery near Yuanbaoshan NR – photo by Hu Xinhua from GIB

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Tree conservation techniques for non-specialists

Gigasiphon macrosiphon

Ex situ report

Only 1 in 4 threatened trees are protected in global collections

Betula megrelica_askhi_pop_JG

Betula success!

New population of Betula megrelica found in the mountains of Georgia


We’re involved in a range of projects around the world working for the conservation of threatened tree species. Here are some of our latest projects:

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The Global Trees Campaign is building a selection of profiles for trees of interest.

Some of the latest trees we have added to the site are:

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IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group

The IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group (GTSG) is a global network of experts who, working in their own regions and institutions, all contribute to the conservation of globally threatened trees. The aims of the GTSG are: To promote and implement global Red...

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Did you know?

The giant redwood, is the biggest tree in the world. The biggest individual tree is named ‘General Sherman’ and has a circumference near the ground of 31.1m.