We aim to provide relevant resources for anybody with an interest in tree conservation, from non-specialists looking for basic guidance, to experts in need of up-to-date information to support their projects.

In this section you can find practical guides for non-specialists, scientific papers and up-to-date information on the conservation status and distribution of hundreds of the world’s threatened tree species.

We also provide suggested links to some of our favourite tree conservation websites and a list of recommended reading.

Other Resources

A selection of references and online resources that may be of interest to anybody wanting to know more about threatened trees and their conservation.

Trees and Climate Change

Published in 2013, this document provides guidance on the factors that influence tree species vulnerability to climate change and summariss potential adaptation options.

Intergrated Conservation of Tree Species by Botanic Gardens: a reference manual

This reference manual has been developed to support the integrated conservation of threatened tree species by botanic gardens and arboreta. It is aimed at the staff and associates of the world’s botanic gardens, and is designed to help the development, planning and implementation of conservation activities focusing on tree species. Botanic gardens are exceptionally well…