News & Blog – June 2011

Rare tree not seen since 1955 re-discovered in Sabah, Malaysia

Posted on by Amy Hinsley

Three individuals of a rare dipterocarp species that was thought to be extinct from Sabah have been found in the Siangau Forest Reserve. Not seen since 1955, Dipterocarpus lamellatus, commonly known as Keruing Jarang, was found during a survey of the area by a research team from the Forestry Department. Dipterocarpus lamellatus was last recorded in…

New research shows 25% Rhododendron species under threat of extinction

Posted on by Amy Hinsley

A new report assessing the conservation status of the Rhododendron plant species (‘Red List of Rhododendrons’) shows that a quarter of the 1157 Rhododendron species are under threat in the wild; one Rhododendron plant species (Rhododendron kanehirae) would be extinct but for collections in botanic gardens (one of which is the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh,…