News & Blog – April 2014

President Kikwete plants threatened tree to celebrate Union Day in Tanzania

Posted on by Kirsty Shaw

26th April 2014 was Union Day in Tanzania, marking the 50th anniversary of the unification of Tanganyika and Zanzibar to form the United Republic of Tanzania. A ceremonial tree planting took place as part of the celebrations and President Kikwete planted a young Erythrina schliebenii tree, perhaps the most threatened tree species in Tanzania. Lake Latumba Coral Tree, Erythrina…

Conifer conservation – Heritage Hedges

Posted on by Kirsty Shaw

The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh (RBGE, Scotland) has developed a novel approach to tree conservation: incorporating historic and threatened trees in a “Heritage Hedge”. The hedge includes material cultivated from the oldest Yew trees in the UK (Taxus baccata) and trees cultivated from seed collected from threatened Taxus species around the world. It will provide a valuable…

Threatened trees of Ethiopia

Posted on by Kirsty Shaw

During a recent visit to Ethiopia, Global Trees Campaign staff encountered many amazing trees and identified exciting opportunities for tree conservation efforts. With growing momentum in the country for botanic garden development, the Global Trees Campaign is working with partners in Ethiopia to develop projects to save the country’s threatened trees from extinction. Situated in…