News & Blog – August 2014

New populations of highly threatened trees discovered in northern Vietnam

Posted on by David Gill

Surveys carried out by Center for Plant Conservation Vietnam (CPCV) have identified new populations of a number of threatened species including the Critically Endangered Magnolia grandis. The new findings come after over two weeks of fieldwork in forests surrounding the villages of Phieng Luong and Phieng Phoc in northern Vietnam. Among a number of new…

Threatened tree conservation to be highlighted at SCB Asia 2014

Posted on by David Gill

The conservation of Asia’s threatened trees will be highlighted at the 3rd Regional Conference for the Society of Conservation Biology – Asia section. During one of the world’s largest conservation conferences (SCB Asia 2014), a symposium dedicated to the conservation of Asia’s threatened tree species will take place on Thursday August 21st 2014, in Melaka, Malaysia.…

10,000 threatened trees planted near Mount Cameroon

Posted on by Asa'a Lemawah

Conservationists have joined forces with local communities to plant 10,000 trees from threatened species into community forests near Mt. Cameroon. In a bid to enhance the conservation of several threatened tree species present in the Mt. Cameroon area, project staff from the Cameroonian NGO, ERuDeF (Environment and Rural Development Foundation) collaborated with members from local…