News & Blog – December 2015

The Twelve Trees of Christmas

Posted on by Emily Beech

At this time of year people all over the world bring Christmas trees into their homes to welcome in the festive spirit. But did you know that 34% of conifers are at risk of becoming extinct in their natural environment due to things such as habitat loss? Over the next 12 days, the Global Trees…

Going on a birch hunt

Posted on by Lydia Murphy

Until recently, Betula megrelica – a birch species endemic to the Caucasus – was only known to grow on two mountains in north-west Georgia. But the discovery of a new population this autumn by a team of Georgian and UK botanists has raised hopes for the future of this Endangered tree species. Betula megrelica trees are true…

Magnolia longipedunculata: the climate migrant, putting in the hard graft to survive

Posted on by Malin Rivers

Scientific trials reveal new planting techniques improve germination success and seedling health of a Critically Endangered species of Magnolia. Magnolia longipedunculata is a Critically Endangered species with only 11 trees left in the wild. The entire global population is found within one site in south-east China, the Nankunshan Nature Reserve in Guangdong.  This tiny population…