News & Blog – December 2017

400,000 trees for Christmas

Posted on by Kirsty Shaw

  At a time when conifer trees are decorated as part of Christmas celebrations around the globe, the Global Trees Campaign is busy planting 400,000 seedlings to save one of the most threatened conifer species in the world from extinction. Mulanje Cedar (Widdringtonia whytei) is endemic to Mulanje Mountain in Malawi. In 2016, the Global…

Research funding for trees on the edge

Posted on by Victoria Price

Global Trees Campaign is now accepting applications for support for Masters level research focused on the conservation of the world’s most threatened tree species. With over 10,000 tree species threatened with extinction, action is needed now more than ever to bring back these species from the brink of extinction. Siamese rosewood is the world’s most traded…

Saving seeds in the Indian Ocean Islands

Posted on by Kirsty Shaw

  Mauritius has at least 24 trees reported on the IUCN Red List to have less than 50 remaining individuals in the wild! Islands are hotspots for threatened species. They often contain endemic species with limited opportunity to become established elsewhere. Red listing and conservation action for threatened trees on islands is therefore a priority…