News & Blog – January 2018

Blood, sweat and tears of a conservationist in search of the world’s rarest apple: one student’s amazing journey to save a species

Posted on by Brett Wilson

In May 2017, Imperial College London master’s student Brett Wilson undertook Global Trees Campaign sponsored fieldwork in Kyrgyzstan’s fruit and nut forest to find one of the rarest wild apples on the planet. In this blog, he shares his experiences and describes what his research means for a species on the edge. A forgotten world Apples…

Two of the world’s tea species extinct in the wild according to new report

Posted on by Megan Barstow

  The Red List of Theaceae, the tea family, was published by the Global Trees Campaign today and identified more than a third of the world’s Theaceae species are threatened with extinction. Sadly, two species of tea, Franklinia alatamaha and Camellia amplexicaulis are already Extinct in the Wild, highlighting the urgent need for conservation action.…