IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group

The IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group (GTSG) is a global network of experts who, working in their own regions and institutions, all contribute to the conservation of globally threatened trees. The aims of the GTSG are:

  • To promote and implement global Red Listing for trees
  • To act in an advisory capacity to the Global Trees Campaign

The GTSG is working towards developing a Global Tree Assessment by 2020 – an up-to-date assessment of the status of the world’s trees. A key step towards achieving this goal is the publication of taxonomically focused Red Lists. For further guidance on Red Listing, click on the tab on the right of this page to view resources provided by the IUCN Red List website.

The GTSG is one of over 120 IUCN/SSC Specialist Groups and Red List Authorities. The full list can be seen here: Specialist Group Directory

The group has over 80 expert members from botanic gardens, herbaria, universities and both governmental and non-governmental organisations represented.


Chair: Sara Oldfield
Vice-Chair: Adrian Newton
Secretary: Malin Rivers