Christmas Trees Across the Globe

Posted on by Megan Barstow


It’s the countdown to Christmas and many of you will already have your Christmas trees up and decorated. Bringing trees into the home has been a long standing tradition, even before it was popularised during the Victorian era. Prior to this, Ancient Egyptians brought palms into their homes to celebrate their Sun Gods and Romans brought evergreen boughs to decorate their homes to celebrate the winter solstice. Now however many species traditionally used as Christmas trees across the globe are threatened.

Over the coming week (19th-24th December), The Global Trees Campaign will highlight a variety of different trees used around the world as Christmas trees #GTChristmas. We will be taking a trip in Santa’s sleigh to re-visit old festive favourites and discover obscure Christmas tree species.

Although we might see Christmas trees all around us at this time of year, there is still much to do to ensure the conservation of these species in their wild habitats. Some christmas tree species are threatened by habitat loss or unsustainable harvesting while others persist only in small, fragmented populations.

Despite the threats, there is also hope that the goodwill we feel towards our favourite Christmas companions can act as a force for good for their conservation in the wild. By working with people who grow and love these trees, we can ensure that trees are replanted and that harvesting is sustainable and doesn’t threaten the persistence of tree species in the wild.

So this Christmas season be sure to follow #GTChristmas on Twitter and Facebook to find out more.

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Merry Christmas from the GTC team!


Written by Megan Barstow

Megan is the Red List Conservation Assistant at Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), working on the Global Trees Campaign contributing to IUCN Red Lists and communications. Previously she was involved with Global Trees Campaign as an intern working to complete GlobalTreeSearch.

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