Tree species conservation is a largely overlooked cause. Very few threatened trees are subject to targeted conservation action.

Given their high importance for global society, but lack of global recognition, we need to raise the profile of trees and put them on the agenda and in the minds of decision makers who have an opportunity to influence their conservation.

Help promote our cause and support the conservation of threatened trees by:

  • Sharing Global Trees Campaign (GTC) resources with conservation practitioners on the ground
  • Sharing GTC news stories through social media using the hashtag #ActionForTrees
  • Liking GTC on Facebook or following us on Twitter and contributing to an open discussion on tree conservation
  • Writing your own blogs and profiles on threatened species to add to the GTC website
  • Providing photographs of threatened trees for use by the GTC
  • Organising events and exhibitions to highlight the importance of threatened trees
  • Encouraging tree nurseries and tree-planting groups to increase the number of threatened species they cultivate and plant out