New tree species found during Liberia tree surveys

Posted on by Amy Hinsley

A new species of tree has been found in the forests of Liberia’s Sapo National Park. The large forest tree, which is thought to be a second species of Apodiscus, was discovered during Global Trees Campaign supported surveys in December 2010.

Tree surveys were conducted in Liberia’s coastal rainforest and former national forests, in particular the southeast coastal region of Liberia in and around the Cestos-Sehnkwehn proposed protected area, Sapo National Park and, in the west of the country, in Kpelle National Forest.

In addition to the new tree in Sapo, new plant species were also found in other areas. In the proposed protected area of Cestos-Sehnkwehn a previously unknown species of Jollydora (a genus not known west of Nigeria), a new Draceana species and a possible new wild Coffea species were all found. In addition, information was gathered about several local endemic trees, including Tetraberlinia tubmanniana.

Photographs and specimens from 400 plant species, including over 200 species of tree were collected, which will feed into a new Tree Atlas of Liberia currently being produced by Dr. A.G. Voorhoeve of the Burke Museum, University of Washington.

Written by Amy Hinsley

Amy has a background in botanical conservation and worked for the Global Trees Campaign for over three years before completing a PhD on the international trade in orchids. She is now working on wildlife trade (with a botanical focus) at UNEP WCMC.


  1. David Harris on

    Very Good

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    Wonderful new about our forest

    1. Wilbert Sarmie on

      Exciting new about our own.

  3. Pewee Monibah on

    That’s a very good news coming from our forest


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